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Space purification:
1. The windows are all closed. The mirror inside the house is completely covered. All doors are open, including wardrobe doors, closet doors, sliding doors, etc. all open.
2. Place the sage in a clean shell or a clay bowl (except for metal, clean and heat-resistant containers).
3. Ignite the sage with a lighter.
4. Go to the door of the house you want to purify, first use the smoke to smoke the door frame all around, then walk into the house.
5. Walk into the house, hold the sage in your hand, and put it on your chest. Then slowly walk to every part of the house to smoke, closet and closet.
6. Finally, open the doors and windows in your home or office as much as possible to allow negative energy to leave with the smoke! Put fresh air into your space so you can complete a standard sage purification process.
After the purification is completed, put the container containing the burning sage in a safe place to let it burn out naturally.

Crystal purification:
If you purify the crystal, hold the crystal on the smoke and let the smoke pass through every part of the crystal.
If you don't use it for a long time, there will be a small amount of dry and cracked sage. In this case, the broken powder and residue will be put together, put on a piece of printing paper, and the paper will be used as cigarette paper, broken powder. When the tobacco leaves are rolled up, they can be ignited directly.

1. Never use the sage ash that has been used. Leave it outdoors or throw it into the sewer as soon as possible.
2. If there is a mirror in the house, the mirror must be completely covered.
3. The best use time for purifying the house is 3 pm, and it is forbidden to use it at 3 am.

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