70/90mm Natural amethyst stone quartz crystal ball beautiful purple quartz healing crystals

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            product  name

          amethyst Ball

     Product materials  

         Natural Fantasy                amethyst

        quality level









    natural ore incision

    grinding and polishing  

                      use of commodity

            1. diviner divined with a crystal ball.home decoration  ball. Wedding photography accessories ball. Desk decoration ball.

             2. Change the magnetic field, relax the mood, attract wealth.

       Mode of transportation--Free transportation

      1.Welcome to buy our products, after you have received the goods satisfactory please leave good evaluation tous, if you are not satisfied, please contact us, we will be according to the condition of the product, a full or partial refund

      2.All the products in our shop are shot in natural light.Make sure the product is intuitive and true. 

      3. If you want to customize the product, please contact us and provide us with the product pictures to elaborate your requirements and specifications. We will try our best to meet your requirements. 

      4.If you want to wholesale a large number of products or customize a large number of products, please contact us and negotiate the price.We will provide you with quality and cheap products to meet your requirements.








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